Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SP#7: Unit Q Concept 2 and Unit O Concept 4: Solving Clues using Identities and SOHCAHTOA

“This SP7 was made in collaboration with Preston Phan.  Please visit the other awesome posts on their blog by going here

Solving Using Identities

To solve using SOHCAHTOA 
Select here

There are other possible ways of solving these types of problems since they are so broad as to what path we are allowed to take. What matters is our ending answer. We must take in consideration that when we are solving using identities we can always start off in a different step it does not have to be in the exact order that we have done it in but it can be solving something else first. The signs are also very important since it classifies where in the graph this triangle lies on. Also when we are using sohcahtoa the angle that we are using is the angle that is on the origin this is very important since it will define what our answers will be.

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