Monday, March 17, 2014

WPP#13-14: Unit P Concepts 6-7: Solving law of Sin and Cosine word Problems: The Skydiving Pizzeria Evening

“This WPP13-14 was made in collaboration with Preston.  Please visit the other awesome posts on their blog by going here

a) One day Nancy decided that she was ready for some excitement and adrenaline in her life. She decided to go skydiving but to add a little more adrenaline she wanted her friend Alejandra to be waiting for her on the west at the bottom of her fall. On the east is a pizzeria. When Alejandra looks up to see her friend Nancy she has to look N 39 E. The people inside the pizzeria spot Nancy as well and have to look N 47 W. The distance between Alejandra and the Pizzeria is 60 ft. (assuming that the airplane is exactly half way between Alejandra and the Pizzeria.) What is the distance that Nancy has to travel in order to reach the ground? 

b) Alejandra and Nancy have eaten at the Pizzeria by now and are ready to go their separate ways. Alejandra went on a baring of 150 degrees. While Nancy went on a baring of 245 degrees. Alejandra goes 25 mph for 20 minutes and Nancy walks 13 mph for 30 minutes. What is the distance between Alejandra and Nancy? 



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